Hi and welcome to Red Finch Japanese Page!

I've created this site to help me, and other people to learn the Japanese language. I'm constantly adding new options and tools to this site to make it better and more useful.

If you are new to Japanese, you should start by learning about Japanese writing scripts. It's a first and very important step to understanding Japanese language.

If you are already familiar with Hiragana and Katakana writing systems, you can play a simple quiz game where you have to gues Hiragana or Katakana characters from few given choices or you can play a harder practice game where you have to type the correct reading for one or more kana characters.

And if you have any trouble or suggestions, don't hasitate to send your reply to me! My email is on bottom of the page.

And here is a list of all tools on this site:

Introduction to Japanese writing
Brief history of Japanese writing scripts: Kanji, Hiragana, Katakana and Romaji. Examples of their usage and character tables.
Hiragana and Katakana quiz
Learn Hiragana and Katakana quick and easy using this quiz.
You can select the difficulty level and character groups: Hiragana, Katakana and Romaji. This quiz is really easy to use: just click the proper answers for the displayed question.
Hiragana and Katakana practice
This is typing excercise.
You can select difficulty level, character group (Hiragana or Katakana), and number of characters. This exercise is a bit harder: it requires you to type romaji equivalent of displayed japanese characters.
Kanji dictionary
A dictionary of japanese kanji characters.
You can search kanji by it's english meaning or by romaji transcription. Also you can look up kanji if you already have copied it in clipboard and want to know what it means.
Kana to rōmaji conversion tool
This tool transcribes text from Hiragana and Katakana to rōmaji.
Additional links and documents
Some links and documents that can help you learn Japanese.
There are useful PDF character tables and links to usefulweb recources.